Welcome to the website of our multi-faceted institute!

We present selected basic research topics for the chair of functional materials and the people who work on them.

We also report on our unique offers of international study opportunities, coordinated by our

European Schoof of Materials (EUSMAT)..

In addition, we will present selected activities of the MECS (Material Engineering Center Saarland), which is dedicated to materials-related transfer and the corresponding industrial cooperations.

Our building in the middle of the campus houses all these facilities, creating not only modern working conditions in a great atmosphere, but also space for optimal personnel synergies through the activities of the staff of the various facilities within the institute. The student laboratory (SAM) completes our holistic approach with a view to talented students and their enthusiasm for our interdisciplinary subject.



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  • #1 (2010)

Unsere Forschungsschwerpunkte sind:

  • 3D microstructural research on the micro-, nano- and atomic scale to understand the quantitative correlations between production, microstructure and properties
  • New theoretical and experimental methods for structural analysis, image processing, visualization and classification
  • Microstructure design by means of laser surface structuring and functionalization, in particular by means of Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP).
  • Tailor-made microstructure topologies for new electrical and energetic high-performance materials